USACO Bronze L1 & L2: Fast track
USA Computing Olympiad
[C++ / Java]

  24 Sessions
Offered in
        Weekend Learning
  Grade 6+
Fee: $1500

( Material Cost: Included )
Listed Grades are suggestions only. Course content is personalized per Student capabilities.
This course requires to bring your own laptop
  Advanced Programming   Java   C++   USACO   Bronze level   Computing Olympiad   Competitive Computing

Fast-track approach to USACO Bronze preparation:
Kids will learn the Algorithmic approach to solving problems, develop skills to compete in USA Computing Olympiad Bronze level.
The Programming Language used is C++ / Java

   Learn C++ / Java essential concepts
   Learn how to design a solution in a systematic manner
   Boost creativity and problem solving skills
   Algorithmic approach to problem solving
   Develop skills to compete for USACO Bronze level