USACO Courses @ STEMLand

STEMLand® offers USACO curriculum that is meticulously prepared for young Coding Enthusiasts.
The program aims to train students towards USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) which is the most prestigious pre-collect Computer Science competition in the United States & International venues.

STEMLand USACO program is based on both C++ & Java Programming. It benefits students in various levels of their lives:

  • Problem Solving Skills: helps students develop and improve problem solving & critical thinking skills

  • AP Computer Science: STEMLand® USACO course has substantial overlap with AP Computer Science Course. A successful STEMLand® student can accomplish AP CS Courses easily

  • College Applications: Top colleges such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley care about distinguished skills of students since almost all their applicants have outstanding scores already in regular application items. USACO training track is one of the credible ones especially if a student is in Gold division or above

  • Engineering career: STEMLand USACO curriculum provides a strong foundation for college CS courses

Our USACO course structure

    USACO Bronze

  • Bronze Level 1
  • Bronze Level 2

    USACO Silver

  • Silver Level 1
  • Silver Level 2
  • Silver Level 3

    USACO Gold

  • Gold Level 1
  • Gold Level 2
  • Gold Level 3

About our Instructors

Our teachers are hand picked by our team, share our passion to inspire young minds! Our teachers have a higher education background, whether currently in school / recently graduated or seasoned Educators, some are even Professional Engineers!
Each Instructor completes comprehensive training on our curriculum and classroom management, provides safe and quality learning environment.

    STEMLand® is all about giving young kids an edge & inspire them to bring their innovative ideas to life!!