AP Computer Science @ STEMLand

STEMLand® offers AP Computer Science curriculum that is comprehensive to train students towards APCS Exam.
Students will learn the principles that underlie the science of computing, develop the thinking skills that computer scientists use to creatively address real-world issues using the tools and processes of computation.

    Our APCS course structure:

  • Java Programming language concepts

  • Design & Development of algorithms

  • Program analysis and debug skills

  • Improve problem solving & critical thinking skills

About our Instructors

Our teachers are hand picked by our team, share our passion to inspire young minds! Our teachers have a higher education background, whether currently in school / recently graduated or seasoned Educators, some are even Professional Engineers!
Each Instructor completes comprehensive training on our curriculum and classroom management, provides safe and quality learning environment.

    STEMLand® is all about giving young kids an edge & inspire them to bring their innovative ideas to life!!