About Us

Welcome to STEMLand®

STEM skills are going to be essential in our kid's generation as important as reading and writing. STEM skills are in high demand now and are going to grow even more in the future.

Careful & proper introduction to STEM concepts at first is the most important foundation for young minds, otherwise kids develop an impression that STEM skills are hard and may choose not to pursue these skills. Finding an institution that provide high quality STEM education with proper foundation has been a challenge. Realizing the lack of one out there, we decided to fill the void ourselves. Hence, we started


Where Technology meets Education®

STEMLand® is the brain child of passionate technologies in the heart of Silicon Valley to teach STEM skills to intrigue young kid's appetite for innovative ideas.

At STEMLand®, Kids are given solid foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math by introducing the fundamentals in a proper manner, that help kids develop deep interest to learn. STEMLand® follows proven teaching techniques that are easy to learn, fun filled, continuity integrated that connect various technologies in a proper manner. From our experiences children, as young as six are able to understand the basics of Electronics, successfully connect electronics components, sensors and devices to Arduino & Raspberry Pi boards, and write code to create various working systems.
Explore, Attempt, Fail and Fix are considered all part of the foundation for learning process.

At STEMLand® kids develop love for STEM skills by means of

  • One-of-a-kind Courses
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Continuity tailored curriculum approach
  • Self-paced learning
  • Grade appropriate groups
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio

STEMLand® is all about giving young kids an edge & inspire them to reach their full potential!

About our Instructors

Our teachers are hand picked by our team, share our passion to inspire young minds! Our teachers have a higher education background, whether currently in school / recently graduated or seasoned Educators, some are even Professional Engineers!

Each Instructor completes comprehensive training on our curriculum and classroom management, provides safe and quality learning environment.

Our Philosophy

STEMLand® philosophy is that every kid is gifted with endless potential, you just have to polish their aspirations with right inspiration

Our Mission

STEMLand® mission is to provide young kids stimulating edge in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math with easy to learn, fun filled integrated projects

Our Vision

STEMLand® vision is to inspire young kids to understand WHAT, WHY aspects of S.T.E.M & derive the aspect of HOW to reach their full potential