USACO Bronze Level 1
USA Computing Olympiad
[C++ / Java]

  10 Sessions
Offered in
        Summer 2020
  Grade 6+
Fee: $1000

( Material Cost: Included )
Listed Grades are suggestions only. Course content is personalized per Student capabilities.
This course requires to bring your own laptop
  Advanced Programming   Java   C++   USACO   Bronze level   Computing Olympiad   Competitive Computing

USACO Bronze teaches programming essentials such as Programming Language syntax and symantics, Data Types, variables, simple to complex conditions, loops, etc.
Kids will learn the Algorithmic approach to solving problems, develop skills to compete in USA Computing Olympiad Bronze level.
The Programming Language used is C++ / Java

   Learn C++ / Java essential concepts
   Learn how to design a solution in a systematic manner
   Boost creativity and problem solving skills
   Algorithmic approach to problem solving
   Develop skills to compete for USACO Bronze level