Science Fair Apprentice Level 2

Offered in
        Weekend Learning
  Grade 5+
Fee: $500

( Material Cost ) +$50
Net Fee: $550
Listed Grades are suggestions only. Course content is personalized per Student capabilities.
This course requires to bring your own laptop
  Arduino   Digital   Electronics   Circuits   Resistors   LEDs   H-Bridge   DC Motors   Breadboard   GPIO

Science Fair Apprentice level course is the foundation for preparing young science explorers towards Science Fair contests with Innovative Ideas. This course is an excellent learning journey for the kids to understand the building block of Integrated Circuits using Breadboards, Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, LED, Motor Contols, etc. Kids will learn Programming Arduino Microcontroller, get ready to start Science Fair Project

   Gain proficiency in Arduino Microcontroller Programming
   Learn about Digital Electronics & Components
   Build Electronic Circuits on Breadboard
   Learn about various Sensors and Actuators
   Learn about Edge Devices of Internet of Things (IoT)
   Design modeling & 3D Printing